You might have noticed I like simplicity, I don't have a "flashy site", I like things simple, it's easier on the eyes. Of course, I can do LOUD if I need to it's your call, after all it's your website. I have a couple of corny slogans I came up with "From your mind to On-Line" and "From your head to the Web".

Told you they were corny but it's really what I do. I like to think of it as a cooperation between you and me, you have a vision, what you want or would like your website to look like, and I help you bring that vision to the world using a little design and technical skills to make that happen.

line space dividerBelow are a couple of samples to highlight the "cooperative" approach to my work.

home page image for the soup kitchen, inc. website Soup Kitchen, Inc.Working on this site gave me the opportunity to work with Leslie Hinton, an amazing talented artist and designer; together we collaborated to bring Jamie Klein's vision of "Feeding the World, Two Cups at a Time" to the world.

home page image for the heart-centered programs website Heart-Centered ProgramsThis is my wife's, Ellen, website; it really tested our relationship... But seriously, this was a labor of love, she had found this image template that she wanted for the site's background image and she was very clear about it.

line space dividerThe following are at various stages of production. In this stage of the design process some websites may already be live; this is entirely at the client's discretion. If the site is live, the link will take you to it. Otherwise, with the client's permission, I have provided local links, within my website. Some of these samples are projects that I've worked on and or experimented with and were just for fun.

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line space dividerThese were used for presentations but they can also be used as website interfaces.
There are SFX's with these samples, you may need to adjust the volume of your speakers.


If you are seeing this information it could be due to one of the following reasons.

  1. You don't have the Adobe Flash Player.

    You'll need it to properly view some of the content on this website and on countless other websites that have what's called "rich" content such as videos, movies, animation.
    Simply click on the image below which will take you to the Adobe website where you'll be able to download and install the Flash Player

  2. You have the Adobe Flash Player but it's not enabled.

    If this is the case...

    If you are using the Internet Explorer browser you should see a yellow/orange-like bar along the top of the browser window.  It should look something like this:

    An image example of what the Internet Explorer Information Bar may look like

    I added a red rectangle and arrows to highlight it

    And, it should say something like:

    • To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Click here for options.

      Simply click on the bar for more information.

  3. If you are using the Mozilla FireFox web browser click on Tools, from the browser's menu and then click on Add-ons from the sub or dropdown menu; the Add-ons Manager window will open.

    In this window select the Plugins option (looks like a Lego block, blue/purple in color) then look for the   Shockwave Flash (disabled)   plugin –your version number may be different– from the list and click on the Enable button; you should then be able to view the Flash content.

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Of course, you don't have to download the Adobe Flash Player or enable it, if you already have it, but then you wont get to experience the site the way it was intended; still, it's your computer and you're in control.  So, since I respect and honor your right to choose, with that in mind I created a series of images, with accompanying text, describing what you would see with the Adobe Flash Player.

    Boxed To Go
  • image example of flash content, boxed to go
  • Image example of Flash content 'Boxed To Go'. Clicking on the Text 'Click Here' would animate the individual respective boxes, expanding them to cover the others and becoming the content window; each link has a mouse-over sound effect.


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    Film & Video
  • image example of flash content, film & video.
  • Image example of flash content, Film & Video. Clicking on the Text 'Dad' would animate the film strip and start the projector's sound effect. As the film strip rolled it would expand and turn to straighten itself out vertically, it would then stop rolling as one of the film strip's cells becomes the content window; the sound effect would then fade out.


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    Polar Ice
  • image example of flash content, polar ice.
  • image example of Flash content, Polar Ice. Clicking on the big round blue button would animate the link and begin its sound effects. The button would split in half, left and right, and disappear into the ground as a siren heralds the event. A Spaceship (flying saucer) would then rise from the silo and take off, up and across, towards the top right of the screen, with a buzzing and a humming and a swoosh. When it flies off screen a small object would appear at the same location which would then grow, zoom out towards us, becoming a contact form that would take up most of the screen. The form has three input fields and a Submit and Reset button. The form begins to self populate the fields as if an unseen someone was typing; begin typewriter SFX. While this is happening the Spaceship, in the background, returns to its silo. When the form has been filled in a pointer clicks on the Submit button, the form tells you that your message was sent and a 'Close Window' button appears which the pointer clicks on closing the form. The Spaceship then descends into the silo and the blue button rises and closes up.


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    Spatial Encounter
  • image example of flash content, spatial encounter.
  • Image example of Flash content, Spatial Encounter. Roll your mouse pointer over the top horizontal oval object. By clicking it you start the animation and SFX. A laser beam shoots down, on a slight right angle, creating a flash when it hits the ground that expands horizontally. From the center of the flash emerges an object which will expand and grow to become the content window. When fully opened on the top left will be a small oval and to the lower right a 'Close Window' button.


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